Oracle Database Consulting & Support

Oracle Database Consulting & Support implies supporting your existing Oracle platform running on any system platform such as MS Windows, IBM AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Sun Solaris etc. This service is contracted usually on yearly terms and the number of site visits is aggreed with customer.

Our specialists:

  • monitor your Oracle database system, gather necessary performance data, analyze it, identify reasons of poor system performance, and then prepare a set of recommendations and tuning tasks to be carried out;
  • give recommendations and tips to your developers on how to improve existing application system performance;
  • detect bottlenecks in the system that can potentially cause a system failure or crash in the future;
  • observe growth of your databases, and give recommendations for proper disk storage utilization;
  • assist and help you to properly configure storage/disk subsystems;
  • give recommendations and take part in the migration of your Oracle Databases to new servers when you upgrade and replace servers;
  • examine and amend your current db backup/recovery policy for compliance to your business requirements, or prepare and implement new one if no one exists;
  • examine your data security policy and give tips and recommendations to amend it if necessary;
  • support you to recover your system when it crashes, make all possible efforts to completely or partly recover your data;
  • assist you in investigating and identifying the reasons of system hangs, failures, crashes and taking appropriate measures to prevent that kind of cases in the future;
  • assist you in more powerful use of the Oracle Metalink in order to solve technical problems and find answers to the questions arisen;
  • assist and help you to download patch sets/critical updates and properly apply them to the production environment;
  • assist you in getting an appropriate management tools/programs to easily and professionally manage your Oracle systems;
  • give verbal or written advice and recommendations on Oracle technologies when you intend to advance your information system infrastructure;
  • arrange seminars/presentations on Oracle products and new technologies;