Oracle Products Distribution

You have decided to buy Oracle software, your next key decision is to determine how much software you need. While it is not a good idea to purchase more software than you need, you do need to buy enough. Make sure you do an adequate assessment of your company`s usage requirements. Take into account that a yearly support fee is directly proportional to the amount of the licenses purchased.

DB Systems is Oracle Partner, and at the same time has a "Full Use Program Distribution Agreement" with ORACLE that entitles to distribute Oracle`s programs and/or services. So we can assist you in making a right decision.

When you intend to get Oracle software, make a request to us for assistance. Our sales/technical persons will immediately start to analyze and estimate the need of your business in the Oracle software. Then a more optimal software configuration will be prepared and submitted to you in the form of commercial proposal.

Thus that configuration is tailored to your specific requirements, it ensures a best solution for you at a minimal investment. By the confirmation from you, we immediately start to serve you for getting an official software licenses that entitles you to legally use Oracle software.

DB Systems's Product Focus Area is Oracle Technology Products:

  • Oracle Database
  • Oracle Fusion Middleware
Oracle Technology Products


Oracle Database is the best choice for large enterprises and small-to-midsize businesses alike.




A portfolio of leading, standards-based, hot-pluggable software that streamlines and optimize business and IT operations.